From the clinic to your own home, see what our partners have been saying about Anti-Flamme:

  • Effect in taking care of pain & inflammation!

    I've been using Anti-Flamme in my physiotherapy practice for years, probably since it was first introduced in Canada.

    Some of my clients lead very busy lives and they love the fact that they can use the cream while still going about without smelling like a walking medicine cabinet!

    Line Troster, R.P.T., M.C.P.A. - ONE TO ONE PHYSIOTHERAPY

  • I would credit Anti-Flamme for saving my RMT career

    Years of working non-stop as a RMT has taken a toll on my own health. I would have probably stopped working if it wasn't for Anti-Flamme that has kept my joints and muscles trouble-free. I use it everytime my body is sore or in pain and the next day it's all better! Of course I also use and recommended it to all my clients and they love it.


  • Would highly recommend to all practicioners

    I've been using the Anti-Flamme cream in my office quite a few years and my patients love it! It's a fantastic adjunct to my rehabilitative part of the practice. It works well on acute and chronic muscular conditions and would highly recommend it to all practictioners.

    Dr. Kornelia Djetvia, Chiropractor - DJETVIA CHIROPRACTIC